The Project



Accept is a European project that aims to create messages and counter-narratives aimed at reducing the phenomenon of online hesespeech of omotransfobic matrix in Italy.

The project involved an initial phase of geolocation, analysis and interpretation of word flows and hate speech online, implemented in a scientific and accurate manner thanks to an instrument developed by the Bruno Kessler Foundation, and a transversal and constant exegesis, communication and dissemination achievable thanks to the know-how of Arcigay regarding the issues that involve the entire LGBTI community.

This objective was achieved through the development of an automatic platform that collects, integrates and analyzes data containing hate messages to LGBTI communities in Italy in real time.

After an initial analysis of data monitoring and analysis, the project involved the creation of counter-narratives and the production of a communication campaign.

On April 15th 2019 in Rome there was held the final conference of the project in which they will be presented the project results together with the communication material and the guidelines for the replicability of the actions at other levels.

The material can be downloaded in the materials section.