The campaign

We have gathered for about a year news and tweets potentially carrying homophobic hatred messages. A group of evaluators and assessors then worked to classify tweets (positive if they showed an open and inclusive position towards LGBTI people, negative if excluded, discriminatory and offensive, doubts whether the message was ambiguous or little decipherable).

Recurring words in negative tweets *

* We asked a heterogeneous group of 7 people to analyse 5,189 real tweets, marking as negatives those who according to them showed a derisory, exclusionary, discriminatory, violent position against LGBTI issues

Recurring words in positive tweets *

* We asked a heterogeneous group of 7 people to analyse 5,189 real tweets, marking as positive those which according to them showed an open, respectful, inclusive position towards LGBTI issues

Recurring words in doubtful tweets *

* We asked a heterogeneous group of 7 people to analyse 5,189 real tweets, marking as doubts those who according to them showed a position not understandable, ambiguous, difficult to decipher against the LGBTI issues a total of 5,189 tweets examined that allowed us to make a series of data-based considerations: 1) Messages containing hatred can be divided into three clusters: showbiz, public debate and current affairs, ethical rights and themes 2) the words most Recurring in negative messages are: Ricchione, propaganda, order, nature, the most recurrent in positive messages are: Citizens, group, associations, social, in doubtful messages: privilege, joke, joke, opinion 3) The most polarising tweets, That is, those in which the evaluators have been most disagreeing camouflage the words of hatred with sarcastic intent, 4) 1 person in 10 expresses discriminatory positions when dealing with LGBTI topics, 5) 4 out of 10 people express ambiguous positions, at least in Half of the cases attributable to an ironic language in form, offensive in intent.

The campaign VIDEO

(Video made by the Pavlov Agency)


On the basis of this data we have chosen to focus at the communicative level on the labile boundary that exists between “joke” and “offense”, between “opinion” and “freedom of expression”, showing its dangerousness and contradictions, deduding that hatred lurks where it Lets pass the message that there is a social group more deserving of another, by virtue of the supposed possession of better characteristics. Let’s say that this is the matrix of hatred common to what we call ‘ minorities ‘: Migrants, Roma, women.

The video #nonfaridere search in fact – through the reading of real tweets collected through the platform – to bring out the rational part, exaggerating the dynamics of what is accepted as a “joke”, but instead it is configured as a gratuitous offense.


We invite you to share the video and campaign materials on your social channels with the hashtag #NONFARIDERE




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