Who we are


Arcigay is the main Italian LGBTI non-for-profit organization, the largest in terms of number of volunteers and activists throughout Italy. Formally, it is an association for social promotion (APS) registered into the relative national register with number 115 (Law 383/2000).

Since 1985 Arcigay fights for equality, self-determination, and against stereotypes and prejudice towards LGBTI people, as well as against any form of discrimination. We operate all over Italy through our 71 local committees and affiliated associations. We can count on thousands of LGBTI as well as straight volunteers and activists who work passionately towards reaching our goals, while promoting our activities both locally and nationally.


  • At the national level, Arcigay acts as an advocacy player, politically and institutionally, coordinating campaign efforts, initiatives and programs aiming at the promotion and protection of LGBTI rights;


  • At the local level, Arcigay supports its committees and affiliated associations by promoting their growth and development, offering training and education events to their members, creating opportunities to exchange best practices and resources among them, acting within a broader framework of national initiatives, projects and programs.


Our organization operates independently from any government, political party, ideology or religion. Financially, our support comes from our members through their annual membership fees, from private parties through donations, and from grants and funds obtained by private and public institutions by participating to public calls. Arcigay operates with transparency and invests the great majority of its resources on the realization of actual projects. Only a minor part of its funds is invested in its structural administration.

Arcigay currently collaborates with several Italian and foreign NGOs, as well as with the main local, national and international institutions.



At Arcigay we believe in a secular, inclusive and open society based on solidarity and equality, a society in which human and civil rights are recognized, promoted and guaranteed; a society where gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual and intersex people are free to be themselves.


Our mission at Arcigay is to promote and protect equal rights, to reaffirm the principles and relationships of solidarity, to fight against all forms of violence, discrimination and violation of human and civil rights of LGBTI people. We fight for political, legislative, cultural and social change through actions of lobbying, advocacy, awareness and information campaigning, by supporting public policies, initiatives, programs, projects, by making our voice heard in the public opinion and by our ability to reach, bring together and gather mass demonstrations.

In particular, Arcigay aims at:

    • obtaining equal and full rights for LGBTI people, including equal marriage rights and the recognition of LGBTI parenting rights;
    • obtaining legislation to protect LGBTI people from violence and discrimination, while striving for a society and culture where homo-bi-transphobic and sexist acts are no longer tolerated;

  • promoting the well-being of the LGBTI community through local-based services, and indirectly through social and cultural change.


Arcigay is a national reality and consists of 67 affiliated associations and local committees. Together, we collaborate to promote and convey all over the country our values, turning them into actual activities and initiatives in favor of the LGBTI community.

As established in the association statute, Arcigay is organized into the following organs: General Congress, National Secretary, National President, National Council, National Board, Deputy Chairman, Vice-President, Accounting Auditors’ Board and Controllers’ Board.

The General Congress is composed by delegates coming from all the represented territories. It meets every three years to elect the National Secretary (who acts as the political Director of the Association), the President (its legal representative) and the National Council. This is the highest decision-making body when it comes to association policies.

The National Council, composed by delegates of member associations, defines and establishes policy lines as implemented by the National Secretary.

The National Board coordinates the activities of the association. It is elected as proposed by the National Secretary, acting under his direction and responsibility.

Arcigay, as national association, commits to:

    • Coordinate national political, institutional and social initiatives
    • Promote and multiply local initiatives and campaigns

  • Support the creation, development and training education of its local associations
  • Ensure full compliance and pursuit of the association’s mission and vision


Deleghe esterne alla segreteria

Responsabile Giuridico: Alberto Baliello

Responsabile rapporti con i paesi del Mediterraneo: Silvio Nocera

Responsabile Cultura: Claudio Finelli

Responsabile Sport: Antonello Sannino

Responsabile Migranti e Richiedenti Asilo: Giorgio Dell’Amico

Responsabile Memoria: Marco Reglia

Il Collegio dei garanti

Damiano Fiorato (presidente), Marco Coppola, Daniele Sorrentino

Il Collegio dei Revisori dei Conti

Roberto Muzzetta (presidente), Carlo Guarino, Marco Arlati

I componenti del Consiglio Nazionale

Junio Aglioti Colombini
Emidio Albertini
Francesco Angeli
Fabio Baldanza
Alberto Baliello
Silvano Bertalot
Davide Bombini
Omar Bonetti
Vincenzo Branà
Michele Breveglieri
Stefano Bucaioni
Giovanni Caloggero
Armando Caravini
Angela Cardeti
Gianluca Caruolo
Matteo Cavalieri
Maurizio Cecconi
Jacopo Cesari
Silvio Cilento
Angela Colucci
Alex Cremonesi
Salvatore D'alessio
Lucio Dattola
Dario De Felice
Ezio De Gesu
Roberto DeMitry
Caterina Diani
Leonardo Dongiovanni
Francesco Donini
Shamar Droghetti
Rosario Duca
Lorenzo Ermenegildi
Federico Esposito
Antonio Ferrarotto
Mattia Galdiolo
Ilaria Giani
Luciano Lopopolo
Manuela Macario
Manuel Maffeo
Lorenzo Maria Colonna
Fabrizio Marrazzo
Enrico Martina
Luca Mazzinghi
Bruno Moroni
Rosario Murdica
Francesco Napoli
Alberto Nicolini
Antonella Nicosia
Mirko Pace
Luca Pandini
Irene Pasini
Fabio Pellegatta
Matteo Perozzi
Gabriele Piazzoni
Giuseppe Polizzi
"Nacho" Quintana Vergara
Morena Rapolla
Marco Regoli
Adriano Romanelli
Flavio Romani
Stefano Salerno
Antonello Sannino
Giuseppe Seminario
Salvatore Simioli
Elisabetta Solazzi
Fabrizio Sorbara
Patrizia Stefani
Filippo Stramaccioni
Thomas Tedesco
Samuele Tedesco
Lorenza Tizzi
Bruno Tommasini
Maurizio Tondi
Marco Tonti
Claudio Tosi
Andreas Unterkircher
Valentina Vigliarolo
Ottavia Voza
Diego Zampolli
Paolo Zanella

Gruppi e commissioni nazionali

Fundraising: Fabrizio Sorbara (NA), Michele Breveglieri (VR), Dario Davanzo (MI), Natascia Maesi (SI), Michele Nocetti (AR), Bruno Moroni (RA).

Salute e HIV: Michele Breveglieri (VR), Emidio Albertini (PG), Diego Deserti (MI), Roberto Burgos (RM), Alberto Bignardi (MO), Nicolò Angelini (PV), Mirko Pace (PA), Manuel Maffeo (SI), Ottavia Voza (SA), Valerio Brescia (TO).

Formatori: Luciano Lopopolo


Segreteria e Logistica Ufficio Nazionale: Federico Sassoli

Ufficio Stampa: Vincenzo Branà

Webmaster: Federico Esposito

Responsabile Programmazione/Progettazione: Michele Breveglieri

Coordinamento Progetti: Ariberto Vergnani

Amministrazione: Matteo Cavalieri

Direttore Informatico: Fabrizio Sorbara

Digital Campaigning: Rossella Lacedra