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Arcigay fulfills its goals with specific programs and initiatives in different fields and areas of interest. You can make a one-time donation, or recurrent donations: a recurrent donation helps us to better plan our activities. Moreover, when you pay Italian taxes, you can have tax breaks: for more info about Italian tax breaks, see here (in Italian).

What you make possible with your donation

Below you will find the buttons for the donation procedure. If you don’t choose any area of interest for your donation, Arcigay will decide in which area to invest, on the base of the needs and priorities. If you choose an area of interest, your donation will support the programs and initiatives of that area, but the organization will use 12% of your donation to cover the structural costs which permit the overall functioning of its activity (including programs and initiatives).

EQUALITY AND RIGHTS: you can support #LoStessoSì, an on-going initiative to achieve full equality, same-sex marriage and parenting rights for gay and lesbian parents, and LGBTI Political Watch: A platform monitoring and lobbying parties, candidates and public officials, in order to convince them to include LGBTI issues.

FIGHTING DISCRIMINATIONS: you can support #MaQualeGender, a response to the homophobic and transphobic initiatives that are being carried out by the so-called “anti-gender” movements, Migranet, a national program to implement a network among the existing LGBTI migrants’ help desks, Sportelli Trans, a network of first help desks for Transgender people, Sportello Legale, our legal counseling and support for LGBTI issues.

SCHOOL AND EDUCATION: you can support SchoolMates, a nation-wide program aiming at creating a network of the existing School Groups, thus coordinating and strengthening educational activities in local schools.

LGBTI YOUTH: you can support Agorà, an initiative offering to Arcigay Giovani network members (our volunteers under 28 years of age) the opportunity to meet over a few days in the same place, spending time together in sessions of policy-making and panels, or StayApp!, a program focused on reducing minority stress and isolation in LGBTI youth under 28 years of age.

HEALTH AND HIV: you can support ProTest, a community-based program offering free-of-charge rapid HIV-testing in non-clinical settings to men having sex with men, transgender people, and their partners, or Sexperts, a peer-education program promoting a national network of operators acting in the field of LGBTI sexual health.

IDENTITY AND PRIDE: you can support #HoQualcosaDaDirvi (#IHaveSomethingToTellYou), A framework of national initiatives in support of coming out.