Health and HIV

Arcigay has long been fighting to improve LGBTI people’s health. The scope of such an action is extremely wide and covers various topics, from promoting sexual-health awareness to fighting STDs and HIV in particular; from supporting psychological well-being to preventing use and abuse of substances; from avoiding suicide to working on the topic of aging. Our goal is to help LGBTI people achieve full control of their own health and well-being, despite the social inequality that still characterizes their lives, with its inevitable impact on health. Because of social inequality, LGBTI people are at higher risk of facing health challenges and threats compared to heterosexual people.  At Arcigay we recognize the fight against HIV and for better sexual health as a priority, while at the same time working to ensure that any prevention strategy is respectful of our right to having a fulfilling sexual life, while fighting to eradicate the social stigma weighting on people living with HIV.

Programs and initiatives:

ProTest: community-based program offering free-of-charge rapid HIV-testing in non-clinical settings to men having sex with men, transgender people, and their partners.
Sexperts: peer-education program promoting a national network of operators acting in the field of LGBTI sexual health.
Silver Rainbow: A program to hinder the involuntary solitude of LGBTI elderly people, promoting strategies for being active among our seniors.

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