Arcigay has always been working on youth policies through Arcigay Giovani: our network of youth groups giving voice and representation to LGBTI people under 28. As we know, younger people have a higher risk of exclusion, due to the difficulties of reaching a balance between independence and social integration, but also because of the delicate transition from school to workplace and the reduced participation as active citizens. These challenges, typical of that age, are complicated by the risk of homophobic and transphobic events, and by minority stress: at school, at home, among peers. In order to face these challenges, Arcigay works hard on creating opportunities to meet among younger people: building a network of friendships can also be achieved by finding places where being oneself among peers, such as Youth Groups, Agora meetings and YouthCamp vacations. Arcigay, both locally and nationally, offers several opportunities to meet other people, create one’s identity within a group and generally being supported.

Programs and initiatives:

Gruppi Giovani: Local spaces managed mainly by (and open to) young people in the range 16-28 age. The meetings focus on topics of interest with a view to group empowerment and socialization.
Agorà: These initiative offer to Arcigay Giovani network members (our volunteers under 28 years of age) the opportunity to meet over a few days in the same place, spending time together in sessions of policy-making and panels.
StayApp!: StayApp!: A Program focused on reducing minority stress and isolation in LGBTQIA+ youth under 28 years of age.
Youth Pride Camp: Yearly Summer Camp for LGBTQIA+ youth under 28 years of age, where fun activities, but also educational and debate opportunities take place, within the larger initiatives of the Italian Students’ Organization.

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