Identity and Pride

The process of building our own personal identity is always influenced by the surrounding context, consisting of values, norms, practices and cultures. The promotion of the identity values of the LGBTI community is one of our main goals. This happens on the inside of our association, through constant training opportunities, but also out there, in the LGBTI community at large. At Arcigay we focus on the value of visibility, seeing our coming out as an inspirational act, but also as a progressive path in our personal, social and political emancipation from centuries of stigma and obscurantism. Arcigay promotes “coming out” as an instrument of self determination on a personal and private level, but also as an act which bears civil and political meaning. Until recently, the LGBTI universe was historically condemned to silence in the closet. Once-ignored and silenced, our LGBTI community has now entered history in full view, with our colors and our visible and evident manifestation of ourselves in our great variety: the Gay Pride.

Programs and initiatives:

#HoQualcosaDaDirvi: A framework of national initiatives in support of coming out

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