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Defend the rights, support our work!

Promoting rights, action, wellbeing, campaigns, demonstrations, monitoring and lobbying the Parliament and the institutions in order to obtain equality policies and laws for LGBTI people, costs.

Arcigay tries to fulfil its goals with specific programs and initiatives… which cost! That’s why we ask you to support us. You can do it with a one-time donation or with recurring donations. These last ones especially, even of small amounts, help us to better plan our activities. You can do it through the Italian tax system (5×1000), with your legacy, funding specific initiatives, making your corporate support us. If you pay taxes in Italy, you will have some tax breaks related to your donations.

You give your support and trust. We give our time, initiative and passion, and commit to keep you informed about the implementation of our activity and to make it accountable.

Because a better society is good both for you and for us.