Veltroni scrive ad Arcigay


Dal Campidoglio, 6.giugno.2002

Dear Mr. Mancuso,

I am writing to you to support the next “Gay Pride March” that will take place in Jerusalem on June 7, 2002. As a person who believes in the values of pluralism, freedom and equality, I believe that all residents of Jerusalem are entitled to live in happiness and with respect. This is why I believe that an event like the gay pride, by giving voice to these values, represents an important opportunuty for the City of Jerusalem to gather all those who sincerely believe and work for peace, whether religious or secular, Arab or Jew, gay or straight. Indeed, such an event will be one of openess and freedom, in keeping with the special nature that is Jerusalem.

At these times of violence and despair in the middle east the dignified, humane pride parade planned by the Jerusalem Open House could very well become an event of hope to all of the communities living in Jerusalem. The City of Rome is working in the same direction and opened some weeks ago in Jerusalem the “Peace Office” with the will to promote any initiatives of dialogue and peace.

Please send to the italian Arcigay delegation my best regards and my support to their participation to the Jerusalem Pride as an action for peace in the region.

My very best regards,

Walter Veltroni