Giovani LGBTI

Arcigay has always been working on youth policies through Arcigay Giovani: our network of youth groups giving voice and representation to LGBTI people under 28. As we know, younger people have a higher risk of exclusion, due to the difficulties of reaching a balance between independence and social integration, but also because of the delicate transition from school to workplace and the reduced participation as active citizens. These challenges, typical of that age, are complicated by the risk of homophobic and transphobic events, and by minority stress: at school, at home, among peers. In order to face these challenges, Arcigay works hard on creating opportunities to meet among younger people: building a network of friendships can also be achieved by finding places where being oneself among peers, such as Youth Groups, Agora meetings and YouthCamp vacations. Arcigay, both locally and nationally, offers several opportunities to meet other people, create one’s identity within a group and generally being supported.

Programmi e iniziative:

Agorà: Iniziativa residenziale di incontro, dibattito ed elaborazione politica de* volontar* under 28 di Arcigay Giovani
StayApp!: Programma per la riduzione del disagio e dell’isolamento ne* giovani LGBTI under 28
YouthCamp: Evento annuale di divertimento, formazione e dibattito per giovani LGBTI under 28 nell’ambito del campeggio estivo delle organizzazioni studentesche italiane

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